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The MAKB|Architect practice was established in 1999, with nearly 200 projects and over 30 years of experience in Architecture and related activities such as site planning, property development and management, and accessibility compliance. The studio is located in Cleveland, Ohio

My experience has included both residential projects (single-family and multi-family) and commercial projects (office, retail, industrial facilities, health care, judicial facilities, educational facilities, and recreational facilities). This diverse background allows me to bring a broad perspective to each unique project, both within the boundaries of the project itself, as well as how it will relate to the community as a whole. I am able to flow with the tide of the community, being able to focus on current design issues and trends, and respond with flexible solutions.

I provide design development and construction documents for a variety of building types and sites, including:
Architect - State of Ohio
Certified - ICC Accessibility Plans Examiner/Inspector
Credentialed - U.S. Green Building Council  (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP)
Bachelor of Environmental Design (Miami University)
Master of Architecture (State University of New York - Buffalo)
MAKB|Architect is Melina Ann Kaczor Boukis, Architect
MAKB Architect - Office, Retail, Cultural, Educational - Live, Work and Play
designs for work and play...designs for life
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